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  • Improve Engine Efficiency

    Inspections, measurements and advice by experts to improve Engine Efficiency. Achievable solutions for reducing environmental impact and operational costs.

    Improve Engine Reliability

    Advice in preventive maintenance, site survey, engine and O&M training

    Improve Engine Availability

    Trouble-shooting electrical/mechanical, maintenance and repair advice in order to keep the engines structurally sound and safe.

  • Investigation and consultancy for engines, auxiliaries and automation issues. Expert in 4-stroke medium speed diesel and HFO operated engines. Assistance to Technical Service departments of engine manufacturers in case needed.

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  • Complete mechanical and electrical surveys of engines, auxiliaries and automation systems. Performance audits related to fuel efficiency, lube oil consumption, maximum output, engine status and emissions. 

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  • Get the best out of yourself and your team. Custom made training for new or experienced crews. Can be combined with other services. On site O&M, Basic Engine, Engine Performance, Power Plant Management training. Assistance to Training Departments of engine manufactures in case needed. 

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  • Development of engine automation systems, advice about available solutions on the market or designing custom-made solutions. We work out the best options together with you regarding automation system replacement and energy saving improvements.

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